Fabric Resistance Bands – Three Pack



  • Non-slip strip on inner side
  • Activates muscles around the hips and glutes
  • Reduces risk of injury Improved technique
  • Adds resistance to strengthen hip abductors and external rotators Ideal for warm up before workouts for glutes, hips and hamstrings
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In order to achieve optimal glute activation you must be able to activate your glutes. Resistance Bands are perfect for strength and mobility training, activating specific muscle groups and providing stability and control in your movements. Whether you’re doing a home workout, adding extra tension on your leg days or simply aiming to get more of a glute pump these fabric resistance bands are the perfect accessory to add to your training program.

Resistance Bands provide that extra something to your home workouts, an affordable everyday solution to mix up your workouts! The tiered weight resistance bands allow for exercise modification based on fitness levels, a variety of whole body workouts, targeted workouts and all in a compact, small zip up bag!

Available in 3 different sizes; light, heavy and medium, and three different colours, white marble, black marble & black these bands are made with interior silicone strips to prevent slipping and rolling.

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