10 Week challenge with Emily Craig & Elise Constable

Lets get ready for summer!

The 10 week challenge is here and we are excited to help educate you on all these health and fitness and achieve an amazing transformation. With flexible meal plans, detailed training programs and a prize pool valued at over $1500 this is one challenge not to miss out on. Summer is just around the corner so the time to start is now!

Whats included in the 10 week challenge?

  • Nutrition Programming

    Each participant will receive an in depth and detailed meal plan with calculated calories and macronutrients. The plan is designed to cater for weight and fat loss and building muscle tone. This is a flexible diet with a lot of variety. We do not restrict ourselves and don't expect anyone in our challenge to either. We will also show you how to use the app 'My Fitness Pal' and gain more knowledge on flexible dieting.

  • Training Programs

    A training program will be distributed to each participant to utilise outside of our group sessions. Booty specific exercises are incorporated as well as instructions how to activate certain muscles properly as we know using the glutes can be tricky and the thighs generally start to take over! The training programs are designed to help lose fat and gain muscle tone.

  • 3 Group sessions a week

    Every week we will be taking 5 group PT sessions. Each participant has the option to choose 3 of these sessions to take part in. All sessions will be held at Goodlife Gym in Mooroolbark. The classes will run for 1 hour and will change weekly from HIIT to strength to resistance. We have ensured to include booty and ab based workouts. For days and times of these sessions please email us.

  • Online participants welcome

    If you are not from the area or cannot make the session times we have another option to take part through email. You will be required to organise your own InBody scans and take your own photos and send through to us. Each online participant will be sent the weekly workouts to do in their own time and are expected to check in with us every week.

  • 24/7 Support Network

    All participants will be added into a private facebook page so we are able to all communicate and answer any questions that may arise. As well as this all participants will be added into a private Instagram group where we will upload exercise videos and how to execute certain movements correctly for when you are training outside of the group sessions.

  • Progress Tracking

    Two InBody scans will be required for every participant to get in weeks 1 and 10. These scans will reveal each persons body fat percentage, body weight, muscle mass, visceral fat, total body water, segmental muscle and fat analysis, bone mineral content and basal metabolic rate. When deciding the winners we will take this document into account as well as measurements, weight, overall effort and participation and before & after photos. 

  • Discounted products

    You will receive discounted offers and products from our amazing sponsors such as Elite Supplements, Strong Liftwear and Studio47 Hair & Mua. 

  • Awesome prizes

    For the top 3 transformation winners we have a huge prize pool valued at over $1500 for the top 3 transformations. These prizes range from supplements, remedial massages, cryotherapy packages, Strong Liftwear gym apparel vouchers and a photoshoot package with hair, makeup & tan application included.


When does the 10 week challenge begin?

On the 18th of September.

What will the session days and times be?

There will be 5 group sessions held per week. Each particpant has the option to attend 3. The times are: Monday 7:30pm, Tuesday 6:00am, Thursday 6:00am, Thursday 8:00pm, Saturday 7:30am.

I am unable to make the session times, can I still do it?

Yes. We have an online option for those that aren't from the area or cannot make the session times. This is a cheaper alternative however, you will be required to organise your own scans and send them through to us. We will provide you with the session workouts so you can complete them yourself.

How much does it cost?

Option 1: $79.99 per week 

Option 2: 1 upfront payment of $649.99

Option 3: $49.99 per week ONLINE ONLY. 

Please note all external members of Goodlife will be required to pay an extra $15.95 per week for the 10 weeks. This will allow you 24/7 access to the gym for those 10 weeks.

Where will it be held?

All group sessions will take place at Goodlife Gym Mooroolbark. The address is 14 Manchester Rd, Mooroolbark, Melbourne.

How do I sign up?

Please email either Elise (info@elitebyelise.com.au) or Emily (info@emcraig.com) and they will sign you up through email correspondence.